The Pieta
Mary and Jesus

A new beginning for all of mankind!

Our Capitol located
in Augusta, Maine

Maine offers incredible serenity and breathtaking scenery!

The Holy Bible
The Word of God

The Bible... the story of God's relationship with the people.

Prayerful Guidance

Prayerful Guidance More than ever in this chaotic world, it’s important we have resources such as prayerful guidance and support to help us grow…

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Christian Prayers

Christian Prayers A collection of Christian prayers are listed to help you begin your day by taking action through prayer while placing focus on…

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The Eucharist

The Most Holy Eucharist - Maine

In receiving the Eucharist, we are given the gifts of grace and the Real presence of Jesus Christ. The Eucharist is a form of nourishment in which we are graced with the interior renewal of body, mind and soul. I believe the Eucharist is God’s gift to mankind with the institution of the Last Supper through his only begotten Son. This reenactment of the Last Supper at each mass…

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Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer | Maine

Power of prayer… it’s real and potent. Praying is something we can all do alone or with others. Prayer can consist of a single word or a phrase, “help” or “God, please help me”. To put it simply, prayer is a form of personal communication with God (talking and listening). When I pray today, it is with less expectation and more about acceptance of the outcome. I seek the…

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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ Our Savior |

Jesus Christ… who is he exactly? What I know of Jesus I have learned reading the Bible, attending mass and talking with friends. In the Catholic school, I was taught about Jesus Christ and the Blessed trinity, I was exposed to a belief in something greater than myself. About Jesus Christ What is there to know about Jesus? As much that has been written about him, there is still…

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Where Does God Belong?

Where Does Christ Belong? | Maine

Where does God belong in our world today? I believe God belongs wherever he chooses to belong and he doesn’t need my permission to “belong” anywhere. In the grand scheme of things, I’m here on borrowed time, a visitor while spending my time here on earth. Ultimately, when visit here ends my spiritual journey will bring me to my next step… to God. U.S. laws may legally ban Christian…

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Faith is believing in something without requiring proof (i.e. – faith is the way of holding onto what we hope for, being certain of what we cannot see — Hebrews 11:1). One can have faith in: Faith in God Faith in people (such as skills or abilities) Faith in things (personal causes or nature) Concerning people, it is easier for me to base my faith on trusting in the abilities…

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Maine Medical Centers

Maine Medical Centers and hospital resources, links and directories are listed below. Information on Maine Medical centers, hospitals, medical and health system directories, Maine Hospital Association, The American Red Cross, Family Planning, Maine Children Services, Maine Disability, Maine Veteran’s, Men’s Survivors, Maine Sex Offender Registry are some of the links provided. Maine Medical Centers & Hospitals An extensive directory of Maine medical centers, hospitals, organizations, treatment in Maine, resources…

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Embrace Today, It’s a Gift

Yes… embrace today, it’s a gift indeed! This is a new day… it’s your day so live it to its’ fullest. Positive quotes can help guide you to a fresh start each morning or whenever your day starts. The quotes below are filled with wisdom and I find to be quite inspiring. May these quotes provide you with motivation, drive and increase your faith helping you enjoy your next…

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Children Learn What They Live

I became aware of this poem many years ago at a time that was exactly what I needed to see and read. Oftentimes, upon reflecting on my past and how far I have come, I’ll read this poem to remind me there are many less fortunate than myself. It reinforces my gratefulness for another day and the gift to be responsible and accountable for who I am and what…

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Pay It Forward Makes A Difference

Wouldn’t it be great if emotions that we felt during the Christmas season or positive social events could be “saved” within us and spread around during times when chaos and destruction prevail? Even better, not wait until a catastrophic even occurs to help others but spread compassion and action deeds each and every day? Over the years, each of us have felt some positive passions (joy, thankfulness) or negative…

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Blessed Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus while remaining a virgin as mentioned in the birth narratives of Matthew 1:18-23 and Luke 1:26-35. Mary is also oftentimes referred to as the Mother of Jesus and Mother of God. God’s own Son was conceived in her womb by the Holy spirit, her spouse. Jesus became her Son, and she became his Mother making her the Mother of God. As…

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