Christmas is about Christianity, Santa Claus and the gift of giving. There was a time when Christmas was viewed more as an acknowledgement on the birth of Jesus Christ and not solely one of gift giving. It was a holiday embraced by Christians and a time of giving and receiving without offending non-believers.

Don’t misunderstand me, Christmas was a time of bearing gifts when I was young, but we also went to mass and celebrated the birth of baby Jesus. We read bible stories on the birth of Jesus, of the Three Wise Men and King Merry Christmas - Protect the Christmas TreeHerod’s fear of Christ’s birth. Going to church was a tradition as well as opening gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. And as a child, I believed in the birth of Christ and Santa Claus.

Gifts were not being displayed as intensely after Halloween as is the case today. Thanksgiving was given full attention prior Christmas. And I had the freedom to openly discuss my belief and faith without my job being threatened or rudely told to shut up and not discuss Christmas or my faith because it was offensive and illegal to do so.

Where did we go from a Nation of honoring Christ and embracing the word Christmas to one of wanting to strip away the word Christmas from stores, within community displays and public places? Happy Holidays is now touted so people won’t be offended vs. Merry Christmas. What about Christians being offended and disregarded as to our reason for the season? Christmas is a part of my faith and is my holiday. If someone is offended, they can go elsewhere to shop, change the TV or radio station.

We are a nation of whiners who are afraid to speak our minds so we won’t have to bear the wrath of minority groups threatening our freedom of free speech. Political correctness outweighs spontaneity and the ability to speak our minds without checking with a lawyer first.

Sensitivity has been taken to a new level. We are so cautious of offending minority rights that we have given up our own freedom in the process. If I were to speak my thoughts openly on various topics, I’d be considered small-minded, phobic, biased, judgmental, prejudice or insensitive. And then there is the retaliation from minority groups when one does not agree with their freedom of speech or beliefs.

It would be great if people would allow others the same freedom of speech and beliefs as they so insist be given to them. I may not agree with a particular lifestyle or behavior, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like or respect that individual. It simply means I think Christian Christmas Nativity - The Birth of Jesusdifferently and as an American, it is my God given right to have an opinion. I may not agree with one’s political affiliation or religious belief but that doesn’t mean I wish them harm or will treat them with less respect for their views.

So again I ask… what about Christmas? Christmas is the beginning, the birth of Christ leading us into the Easter season when he dies and rises from the dead. It is through his resurrection I am saved giving me everlasting life upon leaving this world.

Christmas is a time when I celebrate life, hope and faith in Jesus. It is filled with memories of leaving milk and cookies for Santa, singing Christian songs to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus and decorating the Christmas tree with family. We didn’t have much which made Christmas that much more special.

The prelude to Christmas is an important time in leading up to Christmas day. The Christmas spirit is felt amongst the crowds and people take great joy in the spirit of giving. It is a time when many visit with family and friends. People’s spirits are light and moods are lifted to a new level of joy and sharing without expectations or conditions. There is more tolerance and love. With all the joy filled spirits and happiness being spread, you would think people would embrace this holiday and join in the celebration.

Christmas should not be a time of divisiveness but one of acceptance, love and tolerance. After all, Christ was born to save us, it’s only fitting we help continue to spread the glad tidings. On that note, I offer glad tidings to all and to all a good night! Ho, Ho, Ho and a very Merry Christmas to all… and God bless.

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Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign, Behold, the virgin shall
conceive and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.  ~Isaiah 7:14

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