Generation Insights

Generation Insights transform from one generation to another and involve change. Each generation wants to do more and be more. Work ethics, family structure, values and environmental concerns have changed dramatically over the 100 plus years. When you think of generations from the horse and buggy age of seclusion to where technology rules to the point of intruding in all areas of our lives, it is a bit overwhelming to grasp.

Personally I enjoy the use of internet and check my email daily. As with anything, I’m aware technology can be a good thing provided it is applied with moderation. Today the techno generation has their gadgets in hand from the break of dawn to nights end. The more techno time spent with gadgets, the less time we spend with “real” people and having “eye to eye conversations. Thus balance and moderation come into play. Perhaps at some point I’ll learn to master both… spending time with people and enjoying technology, separately.Three Generation Family members

Time changes family and social dynamics from one generation to another. It doesn’t mean one generation was/is better than the other. Each generation has its good and not so good points. Sometimes less is better (i.e. — the horse and buggy days, more time with family) and the same applies to more can be better (24/7 global media and social interaction via internet).

I provided information below displaying comparisons of generations over the years. Click on generational chart to view differences that have taken place over the past 100 years.

Generational Breakdown:¹

Traditionalists – Also known as Veterans, Silent, Moral Authority, Radio Babies and The Forgotten Generation

  • Approximate Birth Years — 1900-1945
  • Ages 63-86

Baby Boomers – Described as the “Me” Generation and Moral Authority

  • Approximate Birth Years — 1946-1964
  • Ages 44-62

Generation X – Called Gen X, Xers, The Doer, Post Boomers and 13th Generation

  • Approximate Birth Years — 1965-1980
  • Ages 28-43

 Millennials – Generation Y, Gen Y, Generation Next, Echo Boomers, Chief Friendship Officers and 24/7’s

  • Approximate Birth Years — 1981-2000
  • Ages 8-27

Generation Z – New Silent Generation or Generation Z; Realistic, resilient while understanding and confronting problems.²

  • Approximate Birth Years — 2001-Current
  • Ages 1-13

Topics for Discussion:

  • History tends to repeat itself. Do you see any repetitive generation trends overlapping from precious into your generation?
  • What tradition would you like to see return to the current generation?
  • In your opinion, what generation do you see as the most influential?

While researching information in regards to the generations over the years, I learned much and better appreciate how each generation faces individual challenges. I would like to think that each generation has brought something forward into the next!
¹ – Generational Charts
² – Names of Generations

One generation shall commend your works to another
and shall declare your mighty acts.  ~Psalm 145:4

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