How to Refocus

How to refocus ones thoughts can be a day to day struggle for many. However, moving forward is the most important and positive. The amount of time spent playing “reruns”…”I should have said this or done that” or  “Wait until the next time, I’ll be ready for them” can and will fester into full blown resentments or downright spitefulness with a strong desire to pay back.

Generally, the above scenarios are common occurrences in life and people oftentimes move on without staying stuck in the destructive “reruns of mind-thoughts”. The problem arises when the negative thought patterns begin to take over and control behaviors and actions, affect moods and ones state of mind. This continued onslaught of negative thinking can affect quality of life, health and relationships.

Perhaps the most disturbing result of negative thinking is being stuck and continued repetitive destructive cycle with no desire or knowledge to change. And such change can only come from within.

Below are suggestions to help break negative mind-thought cycle (order may vary):

  • Awareness through being open to changeHow to Refocus through Change and Faith
  • Acknowledge the problem
  • Accept the problem
  • Take action (self-talk, discernment from within or guidance from without)

The above process sounds easy, but when negative thinking has been the norm and reinforced over a period of time, reversing the process can be difficult, frustrating, humbling and even painful. Acknowledging that perfection is not the goal but a path to feeling better may help one to move forward. Change isn’t mean to be a punishment; change should offer hope, increase self-worth, bring peace of mind and happiness. Today, I consider change one of many of God’s gifts I’ve received over the years.

The saying, “Change your thoughts, change your life” is a powerful statement. I have a mug with that quote given as a gift. It brings hope and a smile to my face when I use it.

Acceptance and peace of mind!Remember… changing unwanted mind-thought is a process and will be refined through practice. Eventually when confronted with various trigger situations and thoughts, applying the learned skills will become second nature. The end result will be worth the work.

Personally, I find being responsible through taking action is more important today than the end result. Action reinforces that I’m worthy, I deserve to be happy and I care enough about myself to change. The by-product of being responsible for self is peace of mind and acceptance.

Of course, speaking for myself, knowledge and awareness are useless without a desire to change. Reliance of self has never worked for me; however, a reliance on God has served me well. I am aware that each person needs to find their own way and walk their own path. The issue isn’t whether you are an atheist, Christian or non-Christian, but rather… “am I willing to change?” I believe anyone can change if they truly desire to do so.

All that has been shared in this article was freely given to me. Over the years I have been blessed to have been introduced to a 12 Step Recovery Program which not only save my life, but taught me how to change my life. So I give credit accordingly… to a wonderful support system and my relationship with God.

Why then do you judge your brother? Or you, why do you look down on your brother?
For we shall all stand before the judgement seat of God.  ~Romans 14:10

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