Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon cats are quite popular and the origins of the Maine Coons have spawned rumors and legendary tales. The best known Maine Coon legendary tale suggests the mating of the raccoon and the domestic house-cat produced the ever popular Maine Coon. Since it involves the mating between different species, it is believed to be a physical improbability.

And then there are others which suggest that the native North American cat mated with the Vikings cat, and this is a possibility because of the similarity between the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat. Then there is the theory of the survival of the fittest by natural selection. The Maine Coon cat learned to adapt to the harsh Maine climate and terrain resulting in a breed that is rugged, physically fit and able to survive in Maine. Eventually the breed became domesticated thus becoming household pets and suitable for Maine homes.

Whatever the truth may be, the only ones who know for sure of their origin are the Maine Coon cats themselves. They don’t seem to be forthcoming with their story… and they’re sticking to it!

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Maine CoonMaine Coon Cat
Author: Omar Ashraf

Amongst the largest cat breeds, Maine Coon is an intelligent and pretty animal. As the name implies, the cat originated from the state of Maine in the United States where it is officially recognized as the State Cat. It is a native of that place and is found widespread in many parts there for more than a century now. Some believe it evolved from mating of imported longhairs and native shorthaired felines of Maine. In any case, the cat existed and survived in that natural habitat long before it was formally bred.

Also known as Maine Cat or Coon Cat, the felines hallmark features are its big size and distinctive coat. Adults may reach over twenty pounds in weight and be as much as a meter in length with males being the larger of the two genders. Coat is long and exists in two layers. In many ways, the physical makeup of this animal is in adaptation to its life in the wild in the harsh climate of its’ native land. The thick coat protects it from the severe winter and large body enables it to retain heat better. Other features including big bright eyes and long tufted ears are also survival mechanisms. Paws have fur between pads, enabling the cat to tread with ease on snow. The long bushy tail shields the cats face against the cold as it curls up to rest and nap.

Maine Coons are healthy cats overall, though they do have occasional genetic defects as many other cats do. Some have the relatively harmless extra toes, polydactyl, while others have the somewhat sinister hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Both of these, however, are relatively infrequent occurrences.

Bright and playful, Maine Coons are quite popular pets. They are adoring, yet not overly demanding and are quite capable of grooming and managing themselves. They are easy to train and their flamboyant nature means that they are much adored everywhere.

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