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Deborah Grabber – Katahdin Watercolors
For a person of many interests, years can pass before one or more of those begin to develop any depth. Today, she is the owner of Katahdin Watercolors in Millinocket, Maine.

A water-colorist, Deborah Grabber has witnessed some of this in her life. In fact, someone, surprised to see her at an Art Educator’s Conference recently, exclaimed she thinks of her as a botanist and forgot she was an art educator!

Lindies Flowers - Maine Artist, Deborah Grabber

Unframed print: 9″x11″ with
1/2-inch border
(10″x13″ final size) – $60.00

Deborah has turned her love of the rustic out-of-doors and her desire to create and communicate through the arts into landscapes of light and color. She also enjoys playing with shapes and patters in bold colors.

Though Deborah, wither her husband, has called Millinocket, Maine, her home for over 30 years, she grew up and was educated in New York State, receiving a BA in Education with a Minor in Art.

Sensing the need of a more solid art background, Deborah has been an avid reader of art literature and studied under Maine artists, Michael Vermette and Michael Lewis.

She has admired historical master artist Durer, Rembrandt, Michelangelo and J.M.W. Turner, as well as the more contemporary arts of O’Keeffe, Escher, Homer, the Wyeths, and James Fitzgerald.

Now, as a professional watercolorist, she participates in several juried art shows in Maine and is registered with the Maine Artists Access program through the Maine Arts Commission where numerous slides of her work are available for viewing.

‘Lindies’ Flowers is of a variety of the Poeticus Narcissi. I painted these for my sister-in-law. I had rescued the bulbs years ago from an overgrown, wooded roadside, close to where my husband and I lived in a log cabin. I couldn’t let someone’s long forgotten sense of beauty go silently into the shadows of the forest. Their progeny have graced my yards for many years.

Waves Watercolor Artwork - Artist, Deborah Grabber, Maine

North Light Gallery
Deborah also displays her work at North Light Gallery in Millinocket Maine. North Light Gallery, founded by artist Marsha Donahue in 2004, is located at the right at the main intersection in downtown Millinocket on the way to Mt. Katahdin and features originals, prints and high end crafts from interior Maine. Sometimes called a gem in the wild by its visitors, North Light Gallery showcases the fine art of the interior Maine, a haven for outdoor artists, and offers a live-in studio for rent, as well.

This watercolor “Waves” was in response to a wild, windy, choppy, fall day, in a new canoe on Caucomgomoc Lake, in northern Maine. The variety of canoe shapes was taken from a display of homemade canoes at the first Canoe Festival at that time, in Millinocket. The original is a full sheet watercolor. Unframed prints offered in two sizes: 9″x12″ with ½-inch border (10″x13″ final size) at $60 and 16″x24″ with 1-inch border (18″x26″ final size) at $120.

Ground Cornel in the Fall; the Cornus Canadensis carpet areas large and small, all over the woodland floor, with red berries in bright contrast to their green foliage. Unframed print: 5″x7″ with 1½-inch border (8″x10 final size) at $30.

All prints are high quality digital on Arches Infinity paper.
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