Toxic Toys, Safe Toys and Toy Recalls

Toxic toys are flooding the market today making it difficult to find safe toys for children. With the ever expanding assortment and choices for toys in the market, it’s important for parents and shoppers to become more involved through self-education in selecting safe and age appropriate toys.

The problem is not the amount of information available on the Internet concerning toys, but rather how to locate safe and reliable websites. To help the consumer, this article contains the following:

  • Compiled listing of toxic toys and toys
  • Provided information on safety tips concerning toy products, and;
  • Where to file complaints about toys and also view complaints made by others.

Healthy Toys
The objective of this website is to inform parents of recalled toys including toys that contain hazardous chemicals but have not yet been recalled. The site features ratings of over 1,500 different toys based on test results and will alert parents of any chemicals found in the toys.

2013 “10 Worst Toys” List
W.A.T.C.H.’s Annual “10 Worst Toys” list nominates representative toys with the potential to cause childhood injuries, or even death. The annual “Toy Conference” has generated extensive national presToxic Toys, Safe Toys and Toy Recallss and media coverage. Because of these efforts, and the positive response from both the media and public, there have been many toy and product design changes.

USA Love List – Toys Made In America
This website keeps consumers informed as to what USA products are available and user friendly. The information provided is clear, reliable and truly emphasizes American made products. If you want to be kept informed as to safe and quality products; this is a good place to start. In addition to toys, USA Love List offers gifts for the entire family! Support our businesses and shop USA today.

Fat Brain Toys
Fat Brain Toys is a small, family owned and operated business that has been in operation for over 8 years. You will find entertaining, educational, high-quality products, unique gifts and games as well as an extensive line of American Made toys. No need to worry about unsafe toys here… shop USA, keep your business within our great country! If you are interested in keeping informed, you may want to visit their Blog within the Fat Brain Toys website.

Green Toys, Inc.
All of their toys are made in the USA. The toys are not only fun but safe as well and made from environmentally friendly materials. They offer classic children toys that are made from recycled plastic and environmentally friendly materials. What a great way to keep our planet as healthy as our children!

K’NEX Brands
They offer the next generation of construction sets and creative toys enjoyed among children and parents alike. With the help of The Rodon Group, K’NEX manufacturers all of its bricks, rods and connectors in the United States. Over the years, both companies have been operated as an extended family promoting innovative and quality toys. K’NEX Brands is a company to be trusted and worth your time to check out their website.

Our Children Need to be proteced from unsafe and toxic toysSafe Toys Not Made In China
This website offers safe teething, baby toys and toys not made in China. Also included are latest additions and best baby toys for your viewing.

Recalled Toys and Products
This is a great resource to find information on recalls for toys including all products. helps to alert the American public of unsafe, hazardous or defective products. Six federal agencies have joined together to create — a “one stop shop” for U.S. Government recalls. Just type in a product’s name and find out whether the product has been recalled due to safety concerns. Check this website often for updated product recalls.

Safer Products The government has a website called Safer where parents can file complaints about toys and view complaints by others. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) must ensure that new third-party testing programs meet CPSIA standards. As the CPSC continues to implement its new publicly accessible toy and other product incident database at Safer, it must ensure that it provides the information consumers need to make informed choices in the marketplace.

Lead paint is not the only problem regarding unsafe toys. Toxic plastics, small magnets and small removable parts that can be choked on are other real dangers the consumer is faced with today.

Danger with Lead in Toys — Exposure to lead can affect almost every organ and system in the human body, particularly the central nervous system. Lead is especially toxic to the brains of young children and can cause permanent mental and developmental impairments; there is no reason for lead to be in our children’s products.

Phthalates in Toys — Numerous studies have documented the potential health effects of exposure to phthalates in the womb or in the child’s development. Studies have shown the increasing impact of different phthalates that can lead to an exponential increase in harm including premature delivery and reproductive defects.

Toys and Magnets — The continued dangers that magnet toys, such as the Buckyball magnets are a concern to the dangers they cause to children. The magnets are strong and if swallowed, can cause severe internal damage. Studies have shown that more than 70% of these cases involved children between the ages of 4 and 12.

Choking Hazards — Choking due from small toy parts, small balls, marbles and balloons continues to be the major causes of toy-related deaths and injuries. FYI… Any toy that is small enough to fit inside a toilet paper roll is too small for a toddler.

It is easier to avoid unsafe painted toys from China if you do a little research. The reason why some painted toys from China are considered unsafe is because the paint used was lead-based. So how can we know if kid’s toys Safe Toys, Toxic Toys and Toy Recalls are of parent concerns today!are safe? One option is to avoid painted toys. Natural or organic type toys are the best and safest alternative. There are several places you can shop on the internet for this type of toy. If you do buy a painted toy, avoid the color red. Red painted toys were found to have the highest amount of lead.¹

The first thing we can do as parents to help keep our kids safe is to really evaluate a toy before we purchase it. Find out where it was manufactured. The safest manufacturer to buy children’s toys from is the United States. We have tougher regulations, and our manufacturers are forced to follow the guidelines or be shut down.²

Choose Safe Toys
Safe toys are absolutely crucial for the health and wellness of kids. With a little research and extra effort, you can become a well-informed parent and make well-informed choices. By following a few simple steps, you will be able to choose safe toys for your kids. Visit this website to learn more.

Toys For Your Child — Toy Safety Checklist
Before you buy a toy for your child, you should consider checking to see if the toy is right for your child’s age and whether or not it is safe enough for your children. Click here for some pointers to guide you in buying the right, as well as safe toy for your child.

Baby Center’s Tips for Toy Safety
Useful information and tips on how to choose safe toys for your child. The website provides guidelines when choosing toys or buying gifts for children.

The Most Dangerous Toys
Nearly every week brings a new toy recall. The CPSC is cracking down on toy manufacturers who ignore federal toy safety standards or unknowingly produce dangerous or toxic toys. Next time you consider purchasing toys, pay close attention to the warning labels, small parts and dangerous pieces.

Our pets are a vital part of our household and serious consideration should be given when purchasing toys for them. I have added several websites below that I’ve found to be useful when choosing toys for our “furry” kids. It is a fact that our pets are an important part of the family and should be treated to safe and non-toxic toys.

Dangerous Pet Toys
Pet Toys Made in America
How Safe Are Your Cat Toys?
Non-Toxic and Safe Pet Products

I hope that the information gathered and provided will be of some help to you when choosing safe, non-toxic products for your children, family or pets. Happy shopping!


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