What’s In A Word?

You may ask yourself, What’s in a word? Simply stated… allot! Words are powerful and can promote or destroy one’s emotional state causing long-term issues. To ensure articles and comments are acceptable, content will be monitored by editor. Abusive and hurtful remarks will not be tolerated.

Name calling, bullying, stating or repeating half-truths and lies seem to be the accepted norm today. Standards in reporting are at an all-time low. Statements can be made anonymously today without providing Honesty, integrity and truth will prevail!proof and the truth is not a requirement anymore. By the time lies are proven false, the damage has been done; mission accomplished, especially in the political arena.

Words are powerful and once spoken cannot be taken back. It is common place today to see articles filled with hateful and malicious attitudes and, unfortunately are the accepted norm. Years back when inaccurate or harmful statements were made, individuals were held accountable and responsible for their content. Inaccurate or harmful statements and articles were subjected to lawsuits on grounds of defamation of character. There were consequences for reporting false and inaccurate information.

So, what’s in a word? You tell me. I have chosen and listed an assortment of words below. What thoughts come to mind when reading the words? Do some stand out more than others? Do you feel warm and fuzzy, disgusted, happy or experiencing shame? What words seem to have impacted you the most?

       Hurtful & Caring Words
Worthless Loved
Idiot Smart
Malicious Kind
Unwanted Loved
Ugly Beautiful
Repulsive Worthy
Fat Attractive
Useless Wanted
Stupid Intelligent
Useless Loving
Atheist Christian
Divorce Parents
Gay Straight
Distrusting Hopeful

The press seems to have a free pass today running rampant with innuendos and half-truths and it’s accepted without refute. Even an apology cannot take back the damage done to an individual or family. It’s time those reporting the news or making inaccurate statements be held accountable for their lack of reporting the truth!

Teach me your way, O Lord, that I may walk in your truth;
unite my heart to fear your name.  ~Psalm 86:11

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