The Pieta
Mary and Jesus

A new beginning for all of mankind!

Our Capitol located
in Augusta, Maine

Maine offers incredible serenity and breathtaking scenery!

The Holy Bible
The Word of God

The Bible... the story of God's relationship with the people.

Mt Katahdin in Baxter State Park
Millinocket, ME

Majestic Mt Katahdin... Maine's Highest Peak!

Prayerful Guidance

More than ever in this chaotic world, it’s important we have resources such as prayerful guidance and support to help us grow through prayer…

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Maine Tourism Resources

Maine Tourism Resources has extensive list of resource links connecting our readers and visitors to Maine events and activities. Likewise, Maine is the northeastern…

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Christian Prayers

A collection of Christian prayers are listed to help you begin your day by taking action through prayer while placing focus on God. One needs…

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Maine Resources Directory

Maine Resources   Together with Maine resources links, Maine Niche offers a wide-range of Maine Resources. As a result, we are able to offer visitors and…

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