The Pieta
Mary and Jesus

A new beginning for all of mankind!

Moose in Baxter State Park, Maine

Millinocket... Home to Mount Katahdin and Baxter State Park!

The Holy Bible
The Word of God

The Bible... the story of God's relationship with the people.

Portland Head
lighthouse at dawn

One of many lighthouses located in Maine

A time to seek
faith and guidance

With God ALL things are possible.
~Matthew 19:26

Our Capital located
in Augusta, Maine

Maine offers incredible serenity and breathtaking scenery!

Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park
Millinocket, Maine

Majestic Mt Katahdin... Maine's Highest Peak!

Prayerful Guidance

More than ever in this chaotic world, it’s important we have resources such as prayerful guidance and support to help us grow through prayer…

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Maine Tourism Resources

Maine Tourism Resources has extensive list of resource links connecting our readers and visitors to Maine events and activities. Likewise, Maine is the northeastern…

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Christian Prayers

A collection of Christian prayers, scriptures, bible verses and quotes are included below to help begin your day.  Taking action through prayer and reading…

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Maine Resources Directory

Maine Resources   Together with Maine resources links, Maine Niche offers a wide-range of Maine Resources. As a result, we are able to offer visitors and…

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Abortion Emotional, Physical Effects and Facts

Pro-Life | Abortion Affects on Emotional, Physical and Spiritual

Abortion emotional, physical effects and facts offers help those that may be affected by an abortion. Also, abortions may trigger emotional, physical and spiritual effects that can cause negative after-effects on those involved including: The mother; Family and friends involved with the decision; and, The dad. Not all women have adverse effects upon ending the life of the unborn child. However, for those affected, the physical effects and emotional…

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East Millinocket | Maine

Town of East Millinocket | Maine... Mt Katahdin and Baxter State Park

The town of East Millinocket | Maine works hard in promoting tourism within the Katahdin Region. Also, East Millinocket encourages visitors to take advantage of activies and events throughout the four seasons of Maine. All are welcome to partake in local activities within the tri-town area such as hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, hunting, moose tours, camping, canoeing, ATV trails, skiing and snowmobiling. Lastly, don’t forget to make time and…

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Pro-Life: Anti-Abortion Alternatives Resources

Pro-Life | Anti-Abortion | Maine

Pro-Life: Anti-Abortion Alternatives and Resources has a wide-range of pro-life and pro-abortion options, information and links to vital resources. Maine Niche also offers alternatives to abortion and provide helpful links to connect you with Maine Abortion laws and statistics, counseling services, adoption materials and hotlines to assist with questions you may have. If you think you have no other choice than to seek abortion, please place your thoughts on…

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Maine Flower Gardening Resources

Maine Perennials and Annual Flowers

Maine Flower Gardening Resources offer reliable educational information and helpful links for our visitors. The links below contain: Perennial flowers for Maine, Maine plants and comprehensive guides. Also included are gardening tips, fun facts and reliable resources and informative articles. Think Spring… a time for renewal of life and the long-awaited change in higher temperatures and prolonged sunlight! The season for outdoor planting is short, so people like to…

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Christmas-Santa-Baby Jesus

Santa Clause | Old St. Nick

ABOUT CHRISTMAS-SANTA-BABY JESUS Santa Clause-Christmas-Baby Jesus There is much in common when discussing Santa Claus-Christmas-Baby Jesus. For many Christians, Santa Claus is nothing but a secular (earthly or materialistic) distraction to the celebration of one of the greatest events in human history – the birth of Jesus Christ. But try as we might to disassociate Santa from Christmas, he is hard to ignore. His image is everywhere. So when…

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Gun Control | Pros & Cons

Gun Control | Pros and Cons

Gun control | Pros & Cons is a very contentious issue. I will be presenting pro and con opinions, facts on guns including links to reputable websites consisting of facts and statistics. In preparing this article, I came to the realization that both sides have rights with valid concerns and beliefs. Each side needs to be heard, it is our right and freedom to express ourselves. Perhaps through compromise,…

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Prayer with Faith, Hope and God

Prayer through Faith, Hope and God

Prayer with Faith, Hope and God Through prayer with faith, hope and God we can establish a means for direct communication with God. For those of us that pray, it would be difficult going without prayer time and the company of God. The combination of prayer, faith and hope provides comfort and relief to those in need. And let us not forget that prayer also has a long history…

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Bullying Facts and Resources

Bullying Facts and Resources

Bullying Facts and Resources can consist of verbal bullying, physical bullying, Social and Cyber–bullying, racial and sexual harassment are topics I believe most of us can relate with in one form or another. Verbal and physical bullying, laughing at and treating others in a demeaning, shameful manner, being hateful and hurtful does leave its’ mark on an individual. Children and teens are dealing with physical abuse, verbal expressions and…

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Branches of Government

Branches of the US Government | Constitution of the US

Branches of Government About Branches of Government… Listening to the conversations and opinions of late, I became aware of how much I didn’t know about the particulars of Branches of Government, how our Government works and its functions. Re-reading the U.S Constitution I learned about our Governments purpose and gained an appreciation of our forefather’s accomplishments and our great nation, the United States of America. Let us pray and…

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Children Learn and Live

Children Learn What They Live

Children Live and Learn by Example Children Learn and Live… A poem became aware of this poem at a time that was exactly what I needed to see and read. Oftentimes, upon reflecting on my past and how far I have come, I continue to read this poem reminding me there are many less fortunate than myself. It reinforces my gratefulness for another day and the gift to be…

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The Eucharist

About the Eucharist In receiving the Eucharist, we are given the gifts of grace and the Real presence of Jesus Christ. The Eucharist is a form of nourishment in which we are graced with the interior renewal of body, mind and soul. I believe the Eucharist is God’s gift to mankind with the institution of the Last Supper through his only begotten Son. This reenactment of the Last Supper…

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