East Millinocket | Maine

Town of East Millinocket | Maine... Mt Katahdin and Baxter State Park

The town of East Millinocket | Maine works hard in promoting tourism within the Katahdin Region. Also, East Millinocket encourages visitors to take advantage of activies and events throughout the four seasons of Maine.

All are welcome to partake in local activities within the tri-town area such as hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, hunting, moose tours, camping, canoeing, ATV trails, skiing and snowmobiling. Lastly, don’t forget to make time and visit Baxter State Park and Mt. Katahdin… this should definitely be on your bucket list while visiting the Katahdin region!

The town of East Millinocket, east of many islands, was incorporated on February 21, 1907 and lies on the northern side of the West Branch of the Penobscot River. In August of 1907, Great Northern started its’ paper machines in East Millinocket, Maine.

Area resources include The Katahdin Region Higher Education Center provides for the college students and adults who wish to further their education. Additional services also include… Millinocket Regional Hospital, as well as physicians and dental services all of which are located within 10 miles of East Millinocket.


The need of locating paper mills in areas where wood and water resources were plentiful. Such resources made the founding of East Millinocket inevitable.

In 1897, the formation of the Northern Development Company, which later would become Great Northern Paper Company.

The first activity of the new company was the construction of a new 8 machine mill in Millinocket in 1899. During this construction, the company acquired a mill in Madison that became its first producing unit. In November 1900, the first paper was made in Millinocket.  Read more…

The Baxter State Park Authority website offers information on camping and reservations, rules and regulations, hiking and climbing trails, weather conditions and map of Baxter State Park. Should you like to learn about the natural setting and scientific forest management—you will find it in this website.

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