We invite our readers to submit uplifting and faith-filled articles focused on Christianity, faith and prayer. The registration and submission process is straight forward; to clarify, all you need do is complete and click submit to login below.

Maine Niche welcomes submissions of articles for publication within our blog. In addition, we ask you review our Guidelines for specifics. For example, information on submission, length, formatting and other requirements prior submission and login.

Lastly, we consider only completed articles that meet our guidelines. Also, we do our best to read all submissions promptly and will respond to participants in a timely manner. In conclusion, if you do not hear from us within a week, it is likely we will not be able to use your article.

What kind of articles do we accept?

At this time, we are seeking Christian articles on daily struggles and how God interceded in your life. For example, articles on grace and forgiveness, hope through prayer and faith-filled stories. Basically, we are looking for articles on how God has inspired and helped you through difficult times.

Maine Niche plans to expand the topics currently listed within our Blog. And lastly, we are looking to maintain focus on Christianity, prayer and faith.

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