Maine Lighthouses

The Maine coastline is home to over 60 Maine Lighthouses. Maine takes pride in the preservation of its lighthouses with various groups and agencies assisting in this process. Below is a partial list of Maine LiPortland Head Lighthouse in Maineghthouses with links.

Lighthouses originated to warn sea faring boats of dangerous rocks and shores. Interestingly enough, the first lighthouse (Pharaohs Lighthouse of Alexandria) was constructed by the Egyptians for this exact purpose… to guide ships safely with the use of lights. The Pharaohs lighthouse of Alexandria, the first and tallest lighthouse ever build, was built in Egypt and completed by 283. This lighthouse helped to guide ships for over 1,500 years and upon completion, stood 900 feet tall.

Built on  harbors, islands and beaches, Maine lighthouses act as an anchor during night-time and unsettling, stormy weather. Maine lighthouses also provide for safe passage through the fog and avoiding running into land.

Maine Lighthouses | Links

I do hope you have found this information and links on the Maine Lighthouses helpful and informative. If you know of additional Maine Lighthouse not included above, please contact us with your information.

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