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Prayerful Guidance - Maine Niche.comMore than ever in this chaotic world, it’s important we have resources such as prayerful guidance and support to help us grow through prayer and  action. Life continually changes and without direction and guidance, we can feel depressed, overwhelmed and lost. Taking action such as prayerful guidance will help connect you to the heart of the Father; there one can find hope, peace and serenity.

Unless situations warrant, people find it hard to make time to pray. What works for me is to make prayerful time a habit, a ritual of sorts. If I miss my prayerful time, it’s fine; I can begin my day anytime. For some there may not be a set time but simply praying to be aware of God and thanking him throughout the day is taking positive action.

Life’s day to day trials can be stressful. Maine Nice offers several ways for you to reach out and find help and support that works best for you. Your participation will help not only you, but others that share similar situations and seeking help or guidance.

Options include:
Christian Prayers
Stories of Faith
Prayer Request Form
Prayer Request List | Participation
Submit Article | Guidelines

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Through prayerful guidance and choices listed above, you can focus on moving forward, make a plan of action or simply find a personal path that works for you. Share your stories of hope and faith and your connection with God. Sharing can help you heal and give hope to others.

Prayer is simply communicating with God… a one-on-one relationship. There is no right or wrong way to pray… it’s a personal journey. Through prayer, you can achieve a level of serenity and relationship with God that will enhance your faith and life. It’s not what’s outside but inside that will give me peace and hope. Through persistence and practice, I have grown and thankful for God and my faith. I can depend on God through faith and prayer, not so much with people.

I have doubts and question concerning my faith. My doubts and concerns are not a bad thing; it brings me full circle that I know that I know there is something greater than myself. I happen to call that greatness “God”. It is my belief that prayer can transform people, move mountains and change world events.

I wish you all well on your inner spiritual journey… and please share with us suggestions or stories as to how we can better serve your needs at Maine Niche.

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