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Pro-Life: Anti-Abortion Alternatives and Resources has a wide-range of pro-life and pro-abortion options, information and links to vital resources. Maine Niche also offers alternatives to abortion and provide helpful links to connect you with Maine Abortion laws and statistics, counseling services, adoption materials and hotlines to assist with questions you may have. If you think you have no other choice than to seek abortion, please place your thoughts on hold. Make time to give thoughtful consideration to all available choices; your worth the effort!

The decision to have an abortion is a powerful parenting choice that can have long lasting effects on those involved. Being well-informed of alternatives to abortion can help lessen confusion, fears and self-doubt. Whether one is pro-life or pro-abortion, the ultimate decision is personal. Its critical support is available to assist the individual throughout the process; be patient, be kind and don’t judge.

I can’t emphasize enough that abortion is not the only choice available to those feeling hopeless due to an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy. Alternatives to abortion can be a win-win choice for the birth-parent(s), and the child.


Unexpected or unplanned pregnancy happens. When it does, many women lack financial or emotional support and believe abortion is the only choice available. However, “Over 80 percent of women say they would have carried to term under better circumstances or with the support of loved ones. Over 60 percent report having felt ‘forced’ to have the abortion by others or circumstances. Lastly, approximately 40 percent were still hoping to discover some alternative to abortion when going for counseling at the abortion clinic,” (Reardon, “Women Who Abort: Their Reflections on the Unborn”). The good news is, there are alternatives to abortion and places to get the needed support. Every case will be different, and one must decide what her best option is.1

Adoption is a good choice for teens still in school or a single woman who fears she can’t support the child after he or she is born. For women who need financial aid there are programs that provide medical care, food, clothing, and baby supplies. Some organizations provide counseling so that a pregnant woman can find out all alternatives to abortion that are available. They will give support and help in trying to make sense of all concerns associated with bringing a child into this world.  Read more…

1) Getting Support | Alternative to Abortion

Rather than aborting the baby, gather support around you instead. Your family is always a great place to run to, as are friends and the baby’s father, but sometimes those people aren’t there for you. If that’s the case, then visit the website Priests for Life. They have a list of support centers all across America. These centers can answer your questions about pregnancy; offer financial, medical, educational and residential support; and many of them offer counseling and will help you throughout your pregnancy.   Read More…

2) Let A Family Member Raise the Child | Pro-Life

If you have a family member willing to take care of your child, let them. You can always set this up as a temporary arrangement so that you can take on parenting when you are in a place where you can give your child the care it needs. This is an ideal situation for those women who want to be mothers but cannot currently provide for a child and wish to keep in close contact with the child as it grows, without using the foster care system.1

Are There Benefits to Having a Family Member Adopt Your Child?
Tips for Using Family as Child Care

3) Raise the Baby Yourself | Save LivesFoster Care | Alternative to Abortion | Maine Niche

You might decide you want to keep the child. Before you put anything in ink, sit down and decide if you want to be a parent and if this is a path you want to take. Having a baby, especially an unexpected one, is terrifying, but motherhood is one of the most rewarding things in the world.

If you find yourself unexpectedly pregnant, remember this: abortion is scary, but pregnancy is scary, too. As a mother, you have to consider your options and choose the best one for you and your child.1

Works Cited – Reardon, David C. “” Women Who Abort: Their Reflections on the Unborn. N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Aug. 2014.

4) Temporary Foster Care | Pro-Life Resource

If you want to raise your child but don’t think you can support him or her at the present moment, this is a good choice, especially if you don’t have a family member willing to raise the baby until you are able to do so. However, the foster care system can have many inconsistencies, so make sure you do your research before placing your child in the system.1


Some women may find they need a little time to make changes in their lives in order to become suitable parents. It may be that they need extra help to find appropriate housing or financial support. It may be that they do not want an abortion but need time to decide if adoption is the right path for them and their baby.

Fostering involves the social services, who will place the child with suitable foster parents for a period of up to six months. This can give women vital time, the time they need to sort out obstacles with the help of social services.

During this time the mother (and father if appropriate) will be encouraged to access the child and bond as much as possible with the intention of creating a stable environment for that child to enter as soon as it is possible for this to happen.2

 5) Adoption | Pro-Life Resource

There are many legal factors involved with adoption. Oftentimes, women fear that adoptive homes will not provide the proper care for their child and are therefore hesitant to consider adoption as an option. However, there are places that will help a mother find a loving and happy home for her baby. You can also choose to go through the adoption process with an agency or an attorney. Also, keep in mind that as you go through the process, you can always opt to have contact with the family before you give birth and after, or you can decide to completely sever contact with the family and the baby after you give birth.1

Maine Adoption | Alternative to Abortion | Maine NicheAdoption will mean allowing a couple to raise your child as their own. This decision should not be made hastily but is a good option when considering alternatives to abortion. Many couples cannot have children of their own and would jump at the opportunity to have a little baby. Adoption agencies can help the mother-to-be screen applicants with the hope of finding someone that one could be comfortable with. The adoptive parents might even offer financial assistance to the woman who is carrying their future child. This is a good option for a teen who wants to finish school and can’t raise a child on her own. This is a great option for women who do not want a child and know that they will never change their mind.1


Over 90% of women who decide to terminate a pregnancy do so for non-medical reasons. Statistics show that these reasons are primarily social. Some do it just because being pregnant is not convenient. Others feel alone and do not take out the time to get all the facts or alternatives to abortion. In addition, many feel pressured by others to have one. Organizations that offer alternatives to abortion want women to be empowered by knowing all the facts.   Read more…


How to Adopt in Maine | Pro-Life Resources

If you live in the Pine Tree State and are considering adoption, either as an expectant mother or prospective adoptive parents, you are likely wondering the same thing: how does adoption work in Maine?

The following guide provides all the Maine adoption information you need, from the qualifications for adoptive parents to the rules and regulations for placing a child for adoption in Portland, Lewiston, Bangor and beyond.   Read more…

Adoption in Maine

The American Adoptions website provides a wide range of articles for birth parents, including contact with the adoptive family, financial resources, housing options, and more. Conversely, we provide the adoptive family manuals and videos to help them understand the Maine adoption process and what to expect during each step of it.

Maine Adoption Agency

Not sure what to do? Consider the Adoption Option. This is your child, your choice and your story. Visit Abortion Alternatives and sign up for our Free Unplanned Pregnancy eBook Download.

Connections Licensed Adoption Agency

Serving Portland, ME, Manchester & Portsmouth, NH & Surrounding Areas. Connections Adoption Services, Inc. is proud to help families navigate the often-complicated adoption process in Maine and New Hampshire. All of our services are aimed at making the adoption process as stress-free as possible for everyone involved. For more information, please get in touch with us via our contact page!

Maine Adoption Guide | Alternative Resources

Welcome, prospective adoptive parents! The Maine Adoption Guide was written to provide you with a single place to find information about adoption in Maine. It will walk you through everything from laws that will impact your adoption to reviews of adoption service providers in Maine.

Because I chose adoption over abortion, a family grew. The adoptive parents I chose for my baby would not have been able to be parents without adoption. They are amazing people, and they deserve to have kids. If I had chosen abortion, they wouldn’t have their little daughter.

Most importantly, my baby got to live. She will grow up in a happy, stable home, and I will be there for her to answer any questions she might have later on about her adoption story. She gets to run and play and laugh, and the world is now home to one more beautiful soul.   Read more…


Alpha Pregnancy Resource Center — Catholic Charities Maine

751 Main Street, No F
Sanford, ME  04073Stop Abortion | Pro Life and Anti-Abortion | Maine Niche

Carenet of Mid-Coast Maine
Abortion Alternatives Information & Services, Public & Social Services
7 Cumberland Street
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Post-Abortion Counseling
OptionLine: 800-712-HELP
Rachel’s Vineyard: 877 HOPE 4 ME (877 467 3463)

Besider | Birth Control Support Network is an online birth control support network for women 18-29 run by Power to Decide, the campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy. Power to Decide works to ensure that every young person has the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant—increasing their opportunity to pursue the future they want.   Read more…

Crisis pregnancy help
Care Confidential
CareConfidential Helpline
Impartial and confidential: 0 800 028 2228

Maine Abortion Laws And Statistics

Maine’s abortion laws are more accommodating for women seeking abortions than those of many other states.

In addition, Maine has laws to protect live fetuses. For example, if an abortion results in a live birth (i.e. breathing or having a beating heart after extraction from mother), the doctors must try to preserve the life and health of the baby. If they don’t, they could be charged with a homicide crime or be civilly liable for wrongful death or medical malpractice. Also, the sale of live human fetuses is illegal in Maine.

Maine Abortion Statistics

Collective Maine abortion statistics are gathered privately by the Guttmacher Institute and federally by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Because of reporting lag, their most recent data is generally 2-3 years old. In most cases, state-level abortion facts are more current than the numbers reported by Guttmacher or the CDC. Guttmacher’s abortion statistics are estimates built on surveys of all known and suspected abortion providers. For 2014, 58% of queried providers responded to their information request. Abortion totals were estimated for the 42% of abortion providers who did not respond.   Read more…

Maine Adoption Laws and Policies

You have many adoption options, and this is the perfect place to begin exploring them. Below, you’ll find Maine adoption laws and policies and find adoption agencies and attorneys who work with families in Maine.   Read more

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