Prayer with Faith, Hope and God

Prayer through Faith, Hope and God

Prayer with Faith, Hope and God Through prayer with faith, hope and God we can establish a means for direct communication with God. For those of us that pray, it would be difficult going without prayer time and the company of God. The combination of prayer, faith and hope provides comfort and relief to those in need. And let us not forget that prayer also has a long history…

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Power of Prayer

Children Learn What They Live... Love, Hate, Acceptance

Prayer is real and potent. Praying is something we can all do alone or with others. Prayer can consist of a single word or a phrase, “help” or “God, please help me”. To put it simply, prayer is a form of personal communication with God (talking and listening). When I pray today, it is with less expectation and more about acceptance of the outcome. I seek the ability to…

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