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About Us… Maine tourism, Maine resources and prayer is an unusual yet intriguing combination. Maine Niche represents the best in Maine resources and tourism links. You will find uplifting, current and informative articles on a variety of topics including resources and the complete Bible is available.

Maine Niche will focus on what Maine has to offer our readers, visitors and tourists alike. In addition, we will include spiritual opportunities through guidance with our Prayer Box, scriptural readings and a Online Bible. Also included is a variety of articles on current topics, spirituality, faith, religion and lots more. We plan to eventually add articles within our Blog.


We provide an extensive listing of links that include Maine resources, Maine tourism, Maine services and attractions serving the Katahdin area and Maine. Maine Niche is a work in progress and plan to expand and continue to change as we grow.

Maine Niche seeks to encourage and create an environment that ensures respect, acceptance with sharing in a manner that is courteous. Again, name calling and hateful remarks will not be tolerated. TROLLS ARE NOT WELCOME!

Maine Niche encourages and desires feedback from our visitors. Maine Niche will change according to our readers,  visitor and tourists needs. To include sections on:

  • Maine Tourism
  • Maine Resources
  • Daily Bible Versus and Scripture
  • Daily Meditations
  • Articles on trendy topics and spirituality
  • Future Goals: Monthly recipes, Chat Room and Forum

Maine Niche is geared towards Maine people; however ALL are welcome to join us. If you would like to add to our Future Goals you may do so via email. Maine Niche is here to serve our readers, tourists and visitors.

Join us at Maine Niche and take time to browse through our pages. Please note that negative views, hateful and disrespectful statements will not be tolerated. If you have an issue with the aforementioned then please leave this website and find one that meets your particular needs.


MAINE NICHE IS NOT ONLY ABOUT PRAYER. We offer Maine Tourists and Resource links and trending articles for  our readers, visitors and tourists. Also included is an extensive range of links for Maine services and attractions serving the Katahdin area and Maine. We are a work in progress and the services and attractions will continue to expand as we change and grow.

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